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Pack Aplicaciones Android 07/02/2013 [143 apk's] [Full] [UL]

El pack 1 contiene:
1Tap Quick Bar - Quick Settings (Full) v1.3 Android App
1Weather Pro - Local Forecast, Radar v2.0.2 Android App
3D Image Live Wallpaper v1.0.4-AnDrOiD
Action Launcher Pro v1.2.4-Android 4.0.3 Plus-AnDrOiD
aFirewall Call and Message blocker v4.2.2-AnDrOiD
Alex (Siri for Android) Pro v1.3-AnDrOiD
Alive Video Wallpaper Plus v1.0.7-AnDrOiD
AMP+ v1.2.5 Android App
Andro Iphone GO ADW APEX NEXT v2.3-AnDrOiD
Android Tuner v0.7.2-AnDrOiD
Android Tweaker (PRO) v2.1.1-Android 4.0 Plus-AnDrOiD
Animated Weather Widget and Clock v5.5.0-AnDrOiD
App Sync Pro v1.2.1 Android App
AppLock Pro v1.62 Android App
Archos Video Player v7.1.5-Android 4.0.3 Plus-AnDrOiD
Autolikestagram v1.9 Android App
AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO v3.1-AnDrOiD
aWallet Cloud Password Manager v3.2.4 Android App
Battery and Memory Status Pro v2.0.4-AnDrOiD
Battery Indicator Pro v7.0.5-AnDrOiD
Beautiful Widgets v5.0.7 build 5000723 beta-AnDrOiD
Best Photo Editor Photoshop Ed v1.0 Android App
Black Infinitum - Inverted v3.3.5-Android 4.0 Plus (Requires CM10 AOKP Rom)-AnDrOiD
Blue Infinitum - Inverted v3.3.5-Android 4.0 Plus (Requires CM10 AOKP Rom)-AnDrOiD
Blue Leather CM10 AOKP Theme v2.0.4-Android 4.0 Plus-ROOTED DEVICES ONLY-AnDrOiD
Bria Android Tablet Edition v2.0.1 (Android 3.0 plus Tablets ONLY)-AnDrOiD
C4droid (C-C plus plus compiler) v3.97-AnDrOiD
CalenGoo v1.0.91 Android App
Call & Message blocker v4.2.2 Android App
Carbon for Twitter v1.1.5.1-Android 4.0 Plus-AnDrOiD
Carbon Premium - App Sync and Backup v1.0.3.0 Android App
CaroO Pro (Blackbox & OBD) v1.1.6 Android App
Clean Calendar Widget Pro v4.14-AnDrOiD
CM10 AOKP Black Exodus Donate v19.6-Android 4.0 Plus (Requires CM10 AOKP Rom)-AnDrOiD
CM10.1 10 Theme Neon Colors v2.31-AnDrOiD
CM10.1 CM9 TouchWiz 5.0 theme v3.4.5-Android 4.0 Plus (Requires CM10 AOKP Rom)-AnDrOiD
Color Splash Effect Pro v1.4.1-AnDrOiD
CrazyRemote Pro v2.4.0 Android App
Daily Expense Manager PRO v1.2-AnDrOiD
Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro v1.71-AnDrOiD
Desk HD Theme TSF Shell v1.0-AnDrOiD
DJ Studio FULL v4.3.8-AnDrOiD
DroidEdit Pro (code editor) v1.17.2-AnDrOiD
Dropsync PRO v2.4.15-AnDrOiD
DW Contacts and Phone and Dialer v2.4.1.1-pro-AnDrOiD
Easy Voice Recorder Pro v1.5.9-AnDrOiD
ePSXe for Android v1.8.5 Android App
exDialer Theme - SSB Laser v112.1-AnDrOiD
Falcon Pro (for Twitter) v1.6.3 Android App
Fast notepad+ v1.3.0 Android App
Fast Reboot Pro v4.0-AnDrOiD
File Expert Pro v5.1.1-AnDrOiD
FilePush v1.4-AnDrOiD
Fitness Flow v1.7-AnDrOiD
FlightBoard v1.3.1-AnDrOiD
Flightradar24 Pro v3.6.-AnDrOiD
Flow Theme for CM9 CM10.1-Android 4.0 Plus (Requires CM9 CM10 AOKP Rom)-AnDrOiD
Forest Alive Video Wallpapers plus v1.0.3-AnDrOiD
FPse for android v0.11.83-ROOTED DEVICES ONLY-AnDrOiD
FriendCaster Pro for Face.book v5.3.1-AnDrOiD
FxCamera v2.6.1-AnDrOiD
El pack 2 contiene:
GlowPurple Next Launcher Theme v1.0-AnDrOiD
GO Backup Premium v3.0-AnDrOiD
GO Power Master Premium (Save Battery) v3.15-AnDrOiD
GoneMAD Music Player (Full) v1.4.4 Android App
GreenPower Premium v9.4.1 (root only) Android App
GreenPower Premium v9.4-ROOTED DEVICES ONLY-AnDrOiD
GTasks - To Do List & Task List Premium v1.2.2 Android App
GuitarTapp PRO - Tabs and Chords v2.8.2-AnDrOiD
Handy Album Pro v5.0-AnDrOiD
Headset Droid v1.26.10-AnDrOiD
Holo Launcher HD Plus v2.0.2-Android4.0 Plus-AnDrOiD
Holo Notifier v1.3-AnDrOiD
Holy Bible Quotes KJV v2.0.1 Android App
ICS JB Task Manager Switcher v1.0-AnDrOiD
Interval Timer - Seconds Pro v0.9.1 Android App
IP Cam Viewer Pro v4.7.9 Android App
Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals v1.3.3 + SD DATA Android App
Keep-it v1.0.2-AnDrOiD
Launcher 8 v1.2.6.8-AnDrOiD
learn the clock v1.14 Android App
Light Flow-LED and Notifications v3.5.1-AnDrOiD
LockerPro Lockscreen v3.1 Android App
Mad Jelly Green Poweramp Skin v1.1-AnDrOiD
Meeting Minutes Pro v22-Android4.0 Plus-AnDrOiD
Memory Booster (Full Version) v5.1-AnDrOiD
Meridian Media Player Pro v2.6.1c Android App
MiHome Launcher v1.15.1-AnDrOiD
Mobile Alarm System v1.2.85-AnDrOiD
Moon+ Reader Pro v1.9.0 build 190001-AnDrOiD
Multiscreen Multitasking TH
Multiscreen Multitasking THD v4.5.1-AnDrOiD
My Media Center v1.3.1 Android App
Nemesis Camera-JellyBean Style v1.1-AnDrOiD
Next Launcher 3D v1.18-AnDrOiD
Next Launcher Theme Carbon HD v3.0-AnDrOiD
Next Launcher Theme Gold v1.2-AnDrOiD
Next Launcher Theme Graphite v1.2-AnDrOiD
Next Launcher Theme Leather v1.1-AnDrOiD
Next Launcher Theme Meego v1.1-AnDrOiD
Next Launcher Theme Windows 8 v1.0-AnDrOiD
Notification Toggle Premium v2.6.4 Android App
NXT Theme exDialer v1.1-AnDrOiD
PGM Nexus v1.15-Android 4.0 Plus (Galaxy Nexus Only)-AnDrOiD
PicFrame v2.0.2-AnDrOiD
Plume Premium for Twitter v5.01 Android App
Poweramp Music Player Full Version v2.0.8-build-520 + EXTRAS (root only) Android App
Premium Widgets & Weather v1.3.5 Android App
Press (Google Reader) v1.1.4-Android 4.0 Plus-AnDrOiD
PrintHand Mobile Print Premium v3.0.1 Android App
Profile 4 Tasker +Widget v1.7 Android App
Profile 4 Tasker and Widget v1.7 Rquires CM7rc2 or above rom)-AnDrOiD
Pure Grid calendar widget v2.4.6-AnDrOiD
El pack 3 contiene:
Qloud Media v3.5.5 Android App
Real Tunes HD v1.0.2 Android App
Rocket Music Player Premium v1.7.0-AnDrOiD
Root Cleaner v1.3.0-AnDrOiD
runtastic PRO v3.6.1-ROOTED DEVICES ONLY-AnDrOiD
Screen maker - nice screenshot v1.5.1-AnDrOiD
Send It Pro v1.6-AnDrOiD
Sense 5 Theme v1-AnDrOiD
SkyORB v1.8.0 + SD DATA Android App
Slices Pro for Twitter v1.9.4 Android App
Sliding Messaging Pro v4.035 Android App
SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar v1.4.13 Android App
Solar System HD Deluxe Edition v3.1.1 LWP-AnDrOiD
Sound Sleep Deluxe Edition(Music Therapy) v3.1-AnDrOiD
Spirit FM Radio Unlocked vFeb7 Android App
ssLauncher the Original v1.9.8-AnDrOiD
SuperSU Pro v1.04 Patched-ROOTED DEVICES ONLY-AnDrOiD
Tapatalk HD v1.1.0 Android App
Tiny Phone People v1.0.6 LWP-AnDrOiD
Titanium Backup Pro 6.0.2 Patched-ROOTED DEVICES ONLY-AnDrOiD
TouchPal Keyboard v5.3.7.0-AnDrOiD
TripIt Travel Organizer PRO v2.8-AnDrOiD
TSF Theme - Tha Steel Green v2.1-AnDrOiD
tTorrent Pro-Simply the best v1.1.0.1-AnDrOiD
Tube Video Downloader Pro v1.0.3 Android App
TuneWiki Pro v4.2.2 Android App
TweetCaster Pro for Twitter v7.0.2 Android App
Tweetings for Twitter v2.14.12.2-AnDrOiD
UCam Ultra Camera Pro v3.0.0.020601-AnDrOiD
Unity Launcher v1.2 (proper) Android 3.0 Plus-AnDrOiD
Unlock With WiFi v2.6.1 Android App
Valentines Day HD v1.2 LWP-AnDrOiD
Virtual Secretary Pro v8.5.3-AnDrOiD
Volume Ace v3.0.2-AnDrOiD
Weather Live v1.5.2-AnDrOiD
WhatsApp Emoticon&Emoji&Skin v1.7 Android App
White Noise FULL v5.0-AnDrOiD
WiFi Mouse Pro v2.9-AnDrOiD
Winamp Pro v1.4.7-AnDrOiD
Write Tablet Notepad Journal v4.2 (Android 3.0 plus Tablets ONLY)-AnDrOiD
Descarga pack 1 (230mb): http://ul.to/qgcyk1c2 
Descarga pack 2 (206mb): http://ul.to/3zxe8a2y
Descarga pack 3 (214mb): http://ul.to/msydz5rq

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